A firewall is a device, you can call it hardware or software or a mixture of both. It is devices that controls and prevents incoming and outgoing traffic based on some pre-defined rules. On the Basis of some pre-determined rules, it controls unauthorised access to your computer and keeps a stick monitoring overall kind of activities of your computer. If the firewalls find any suspicious access to your computer then it blocks that entry instantly and allows entering only that file which is free of error or any other malware. You can also call it a barrier which prohibits entering any unwanted or defaulting items to your computer’s software. It preserves your private network by scanning malicious inputs and filters that input just at the doorstep to your computer so that your software would not be spoiled due to that corrupted material. It is a strong safety measure for your computer.

Propelling features of Firewalls

 Firewalls are specially designed for large organisations and business entrepreneurs to put a security shell over their intact corporation or institutes to avoid external hazards and malware activities, In the upcoming narrations, we will be describing the very important features of firewalls.

VPN FEATURE – This is a very crucial and important feature to be installed in your firewalls. VPN amends a server to server encryptions and identifies your IP address in order to create a virtual layer for your system that cannot be detected by governments, hackers even your internet service provider will be unable to find, for what you are surfing on the internet but they can only see that you are connected to.

HIGH AVAILABILITY WITH BUILT-IN SECURITYThis feature is most important for large organisations or business whereas smaller ones can run without it. It helps to construct a secondary firewall for the security of your PC but only in case if the primary firewalls shut down or stop working due to any reason.

PACKET FILTERING- This feature is specific and unique in firewalls. It is positioned in a tiny network by using a router. In that case, the router acts as a firewall to invigilate and evaluate each packet of data that is running through your network. One major loophole for this type of firewall is that it cannot protect applications to get into a vulnerability state. IT is beneficial for very tine organizations.

STATEFUL VIGILANCE- This vigilance functions deeply on the shelves of the OSI model. These techniques observe the packet headers and look for the contents in the packets to find out the suspicious contents and to remove that content.

PROXY SITE- This type of security feature of firewalls generates a duplicate copy of your IP address and stands as a guard between your computer and internet network. It can tackle more than thousands of concurrent connections. VPN is most important but a little costly feature whereas proxy can be under the budget of small organizations that are running for a shortage of finance.

There are mainly three kinds of firewalls that can be categorized according to their size. These are;


It protects only a single computer and operated from computer to computer separately. Each computer will be having, its host firewalls.


These firewalls are basically to protect multiple computers or systems at a time. These are much difficult to crack or depict as they are hosted on each separate system.


This is a very special and trending feature of firewalls in the world of corporate and business organizations as it is designed to secure the largest companies with typical network systems, where you will be having a lot of staff and employers working on computers only.

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