Every day we meet different people and make connections with them according to our likes, dislikes, interest and behaviour qualities. Likewise, even a website can be considered as a person that comes across different audience/visitor and make connections with them. The digital analytics is all about making connections to achieve so you need to know about your targeted audience. 

You can find various services offering digital analytics but the most popular and widely used digital analytics service is “Google Analytics”.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics a “FREE” digital analytics that provides information about your website performance such as the number of visitor on your website, the medium through with they reached you, the pages they viewed, the links they clicked on, duration of their stay on the pages and many more other details. 

What all information you can acquire from Google Analytics 

Using Google Analytics you can retrieve useful information about your audience and their behaviour towards your website to fine-tune your SEO strategy. 

Number of people visiting your website: 

To understand this better, consider an example you wish to ice-cream and found two ice-cream parlours on your way. The first one has got a few customers whereas the other one is fully crowed. You would prefer to wait and purchase the ice-cream from the second ice-cream parlour which is much farther than your place. Similarly, your website is also like an ice-cream parlour. It is always great to have a visitor who is loyal to you and visit more than once. 

In Google Analytics, you can get the details about the number of visitors received using the session overview. You can even get information for each day as well as it can provide you with the count number every single time when the visitor comes to your website.

Through the user’s overview, you will be able to see the number of unique visitors on your website.

Things they searched on your website:

The basic formula to get more visitors is to provide “Quality Content”. Better the quality is, higher the average session time will lead to high page views. As Google Analytics provide your information about the page viewed, number of visitors and session time. 

You can also get information about the bounce rate of your website from Google Analytics, which determines the average number of visitors who left your website without clicking. 

Type of Audience on your website:

Think of the difference in your language, voice tone and the choice of words use while talking to a known and an unknown, you will be able to identify the difference as you change your language depending on the person you are in front of. 

On similar ways through the under Audience Demographics you can check the ages and the gender of your visitor. You can even check their physical location and the language using Google Analytics Audience Geo option. 

Reason for the visit to your website

We have the habits to visit the same places, try the same things until something better is not recommended to us; even this is applicable on the website as well.

Under the acquisition section, you will different information from the seven options it has got.

  1. Organic search determines the number of visitors coming from search engines.
  2. Email which tells the number of visitors reaching to your through emails marketing.
  3. Direct that determines the number of people who directly searched for you by typing your name.
  4. Social, which tells people visiting through social media platforms.
  5. Paid search shares the information about the number of visitors coming on your website through paid advertisement.
  6. Referral tells the number of visitors coming from another website that has got your website link.
  7. Other is the number of visitors which are not differentiated by Google.

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